Alexander Jönsson


Alexander Jönsson is a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Department of Health Technology. He is originally from Sweden and studied at Lund University for a MSc. in Engineering, Biotechnology. After graduation he followed his interests to Copenhagen, Denmark, for a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science at the Department of Pharmacy at Copenhagen University. There he worked on thiol-ene based microfluidic devices for bioanalytical applications, with the goal of a microfluidic protein Total-Analysis-System. His most recent endeavor, before joining GUTVIBRATIONS, was a postdoctoral position also at DTU, Department of Health Technology. This project was a collaborative effort between DTU and the company Radiometer for the development of a point-of-care device for fast blood cell counts in hospital emergency rooms. Alexander’s main expertise lies in device prototyping and fabrication with a special interest in 3D-printing.


During his research, Alexander will be situated in the FAST Group at DTU under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Martin Dufva.

Alexander’s research project

Alexander is working at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Health Technology and was hired as a fabrication specialist. His focus is on prototyping and fabrication of the STACKS system for use in the co-culture models within GUTVIBRATIONS.


Alexander is working in GUTVIBRATIONS Work Package 1 (BUILD) where he will adapt and scale up the previously developed STACKS system, of well plate inserts, for medium throughput applications. The intention is to provide the other GUTVIBRATIONS Work Packages with STACKS culture systems allowing for co-culture of up to three distinct cell environments. In its current format, the STACKS system relies on gelatin-based membranes but a transition will be made as part of Work Package 1, to biosilk-based membranes, which will require redesigns of the STACKS system.


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