Celebrating IWD 2023

Today, on the 8th of March 2023, we celebrate International Women’s Day. On this occasion, we would like to shine the light on the incredible women who paved the way for girls and women in science to have equal and full opportunities in the industry.

Although we have made progress in fighting for women’s rights, gender gap still exists in all levels of science, including in innovation and technology. According to UNESCO, women are still underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Additionally, women only make up 24% of leadership roles on a global scale.

Within our consortium, we acknowledge that providing women with equitable opportunities is the key to a better future. We take pride in the fact that our consortium is led by female scientists who strive to create more diversity in the science industry and that 50% of the leadership roles within our consortium are held by women. This year, we also reached out to our colleagues to hear how they’re utilizing their roles to empower women in science.

Here’s what they said:


Katja Wolthers – Coordinator of GUTVIBRATIONS & Senior Clinical Virologist

“I believe that I should start with this quote: ‘Empowered women empower women’. As someone who climbed the career ladder in science, I saw first-hand how providing equal opportunities for women in science can lead to more diversity and create new types of role-models in science. By creating new role-models, we are also breaking negative stereotypes that have been attached to women in science. As a leader in science, I believe that empowering women in the scientific industry is the first step to minimizing the gender gap in all levels of science.”

Therése Kallur – CSO & VP Business Development of BioLamina and Partner of GUTVIBRATIONS

“I promote gender equity both in business and science by being authentic and transparent in every situation, not making excuses, embracing change and responsibility, being inclusive as a state of mind, valuing different and complimentary skillsets and personality traits, and always treat others with empathy and curiosity. Hopefully this both serves as a door opener and inspiration, and provides a room where people can be themselves and grow.”

Renata Vieira de Sá – Postdoc Researcher at GUTVIBRATIONS & UniQure

“As a scientist and mother who have doubted if “I am capable to have both”, I am driven to not let it limit my ambitions or anyone else’s in their scientific career. As such, I aim to empower other female scientists by supporting them and standing against whichever impositions are casted on what females need to do and be like in order to have a successful career in science.”

As a consortium, GUTVIBRATIONS is committed to supporting women in the science industry. We aim to continue providing female scientists with equitable opportunities and a platform to thrive in the industry.