Christan Clausen



Christian Clausen (Chief Scientific Officer at Bioneer) is educated in biomedicine and medical science at University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital, with research visits at Aarhus University Hospital. He has completed R&D management programs at Harvard Business School, Boston. His research experience is primarily in the human stem cell biology field, especially in developing advanced in vitro model systems with a focus on translational outputs, turning these into disease-specific modelling platforms. He was previously R&D Manager at Interface Biotech, leading several pipeline programs from preclinical to clinical phase. He has extensive experience in executive management of large national and international public-private partnerships. He is now CSO at Bioneer that has developed an extensive infrastructure for disease modelling and are now collaborating with several big pharma companies in this field. 


About Bioneer

Bioneer A/S is an innovative research technology organization (RTO) that has been in operation for more than 25 years. Bioneer has three research divisions: Biomedical Technology, Pharmaceutical Development and Protein Production. Bioneer has a long tradition in the maturation of emerging technologies by combining engineering competences with high level biological science. The Biomedical Technology Department at Bioneer aims at developing and maturation of industrial biomedical solutions within a range of different biomedical fields, including advanced in vitro disease modelling. Bioneer is a recognized partner in international multi-partner projects within the biomedical field and is using its expertise in bringing cutting edge biomedical ideas closer to the market/clinic.