Eline Freeze 



Eline Freeze is a technician at the Amsterdam Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC) location Academic Medical Center (AMC). She is from the Netherlands and studied Bio-informatics at the University of Applied Science in Leiden. After this, she started a master in Biology for which she has done a thesis in Organ-on-Chip technology. The main purpose of her research was to create a 3D vascular bed on a microfluidic plate to determine its reaction to biomaterial used for prosthetics.

During her research, Eline will be supervised by Dr. Katja Wolthers and Dr. Dasja Pajkrt.

Eline’s research project

Eline is working at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC) located Academic Medical Center (AMC) in the department of Medical Microbiology. She will be active in Work Packages 1,2,3 and 7. Her project will consist of the technical aspects of the project to create a multi-organ system. The STACKS plates that are needed to create this system, are established by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and will be printed by Eline with a FormLabs Form 3B printer. She will supply the STACKS plates to the consortium. A short internship at Biolamina AB and KTH Royal Institute of Technology will teach Eline how work with the Biosilk, in combination of the STACKS plates. With this knowledge she will be able to develop standard operating procedures of cell culture, immunostainings and Biosilk patterning. Eline will also be traveling around the consortium to show other researchers how to work with the STACKS and Biosilk.

Another goal is to establish a gut epithelial-mesenchyme cell co-culture model together with Carlemi Calitz, a postdoctoral researcher. Immune cells will be added to create a gut-mucosal model. Enteric viral infects and antiviral testing will be studied using both models. Finally, the gut-mucosal model will be combined with a blood-brain-barrier (BBB)-brain organoid model to create the complex in vitro gut-brain axis organ-on-chip.


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