Halloween-themed Progress Meeting

On Friday, the 17th of November 2023, GUTVIBRATIONS hosted its first Halloween-themed progress meeting in Gather Town, a virtual teleconference space. During this meeting, members of the GUTVIBRATIONS consortium gathered in a virtual haunted space to discuss progress that has been made within the project. Following the meeting, consortium members were led by a virtual zombie bride into a mystery mansion filled with ghosts and secret doors.

The Haunted Meeting Room in Gather Town

Progress Meeting

Currently, the GUTVIBRATIONS project has entered the final half of the project. As a consortium, we have established a gut mucosa model as well as a BBB model, both crucial components of the multi-organ system that we are currently developing. The next phase of the GUTVIBRATIONS project would be the generation of the BBB-brain model and the application of the gut mucosa model and the BBB-brain model as infectious diseases models.

Phases of the GUTVIBRATIONS project

During the meeting, our skilled lab technicians presented progress made within their respective work package. We were delighted to see the work that is currently being done within each work package and the results derived from this work, which includes several manuscripts and reports.


After the conclusion of the Progress Meeting, a virtual zombie bride took over the stage and invited consortium members into a mysterious portal which led them into a mystery mansion. Once inside, the zombie bride announced that consortium members must find hidden portals within the house that will lead them out of the mansion. To find these portals, consortium members were instructed to explore the rooms within the mansion and to interact with ghosts that would lead them to a portal using a clue.

The GUTVIBRATIONS Mystery Mansion (left) & a room in the mansion (right)