Martin Dufva



Martin Dufva (PhD, Associate Professor) is a molecular biologist who took his PhD in Virology at the University of Gothenburg. Martin joined DTU in 2001 and has since worked with high throughput analysis systems and organ modelling. His effort on the latter started with being one of the first demonstrations of culturing cell lines on a chip on a microscope stage. He has developed microfluidics solution for highly parallel fluidics systems. Martin moved to 3D culturing including structuring of hydrogels substrates, spheroids cultures, and differentiation of stem cells under flow. At present, his efforts are to combine several tissue models into one unit for studying drug delivery. The customised 3D printed STACK system was pioneered in MD lab and future work aims to seamlessly couple organs models into a system that is compatible with sterile work flow and industry standards.

Within GUTVIBRATIONS, Martin is the leader of Work Packages 1 (BUILD) and 8 (INDUSTRIALISE) and he supervises postdoctoral researchers Alexander Jönsson and Hakan Gürbüz.


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