Mona Widhe



Mona Widhe is a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, and a member of the Hedhammar lab, located at Alba Nova University Center. She is from Uppsala, where she studied Cell- & molecular biology at Uppsala University. After this, she relocated to Linköping to study a master on Advanced Therapies and Innovation in Biotechnology, and as part of her final master’s project she moved to London. There she worked at the Barts Cancer Institute on oncolytic adenoviruses for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer.

Her main focus was trying to develop a combined therapy with epigenetic modulators to enhance the effectivity of these viruses, by increasing their replication specifically on cancerous cells.


Within the GUTVIBRATIONS consortium, Mona will be working close together with My Hedhammar, and will be supervising PhD student Savvina Gkouma.

About Mona’s Project

Mona is working with tissue engineering at the at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, at the department of Protein Science. Her project aims to develop silk based tissue models, like e.g. skin and bone. The silk can be genetically modified to contain relevant modules, e.g. cell binding motifs, rendering an ECM mimic. By initiating self assembly in different ways, the silk can be transformed into various macroscopic structures, like fiber networks or nanomembranes. These are both elastic, strong and flexible, and support culture and differentiation of many mammalian cell types.

Within this project Mona will be working together with My and Savvina, and in close collaboration with DTU, to develop and optimize the culture stacking system and the patterning of the silk material in order to enable the combination of several different tissue types in one single well.


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