Pictured above: Brain Organoid (by Josse Depla)

“Pushing technology in life science research forward to minimize animal testing, lower disease burden, and save lives”.

June 23rd 2021 , Amsterdam, The Netherlands – GUTVIBRATIONS has launched its project to develop a new and easy-to-use human model system that will innovate complex Organ-on-Chip technology for virology.

Developing a next level multi-organ system

GUTVIBRATIONS (Gut Virus Brain Axis Technology In OrgaNoid Science) is a multidisciplinary international consortium that uses Organ-on-Chip (OoC) technology to develop a gut-brain axis organ-on-chip that mimics parts of the human body. This OoC incorporates human gut organoids, blood-brain-barrier, and brain organoids into a complex OoC model resulting in an innovative solution for modelling human diseases and pre-clinical drug development.

Over the last decade, several complex OoC technologies have been developed, such as lung-on-chip, blood-brain-barrier (BBB) on chip and skin-on-chip. From an end-user perspective, the current iterations of OoCs are not user-friendly or do not have translation relevance. GUTVIBRATIONS takes OoCs to the next level by using STACKS technology, organoid models, and Biosilk to develop a model that is easy to use, suitable for industrial purposes as well as applicable in the field of virology and beyond. By developing this next-level multi-organ system, GUTVIBRATIONS will fast track drug development that will minimize animal use, lower disease burden, and save lives.


GUTVIBRATIONS consists of an international team of 7 world-leading partners from the fields of academia and industry who are combining their expertise in OoC technology, organoids, bioengineering, virology, immunology, and cell culturing. Under the coordination of Amsterdam UMC (The Netherlands), the consortium includes the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), University of Leuven (Belgium), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), UniQure Biopharma BV (The Netherlands), BIOLAMINA AB (Sweden) and STEMCELL Technologies UK Ltd. (United Kingdom). GUTVIBRATIONS is funded by the European Commission in the Call Next Generation Organ-On-Chip (DT-NMBP-23).

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