Therése Kallur



Therése Kallur is Director of Business Development at BioLamina AB in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been a part of BioLamina since the start of the company and has held numerous positions within BioLamina. Therése has a PhD in Neuroscience from Lund University in Sweden with a focus on human neural stem cells and restoration of lost brain function by cell transplantation. Before joining BioLamina, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research in Cologne, Germany.


At BioLamina, Therése has been leading a team of scientists and developers since 2018 and together the team has contributed to several product and use application launches. In addition, she has coordinated and partnered in multiple grant funded projects and initiatives


About BioLamina

BioLamina is a Swedish biotechnology company with a global presence, built on a scientific foundation, with a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research, founded in 2009. Our headquarters is based in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, with production, quality,  R&D, logistics, sales and marketing, and business development all under the same roof. 


BioLamina offers an extensive portfolio of chemically defined and animal origin-free cell culture reagents for a variety of applications, including a reliable expansion of pluripotent cells and differentiation and maintenance of specialized cell types, such as keratinocytes, intestinal cells. hepatocytes, and various neural cells. BioLamina’s Biolaminins™ are the only original full length, human, recombinant laminin cell culture substrates on the market and the impact of our Biolaminin matrices on cell culture quality has been scientifically demonstrated